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Proposal by Lyrasis

Phase 1:

The consultants will work with HELIN administration and members to gather background information on the project, and hold an initial “Smart Start” project planning meeting onsite in Rhode Island. Following the in-person meeting, the consultants will assist HELIN in development of focus group questions for project research, development of a survey tool, and additional development on stakeholder use case studies.

Phase 2:

The consultants will work with HELIN administration and members via phone, e-mail and other methods as needed to assist with repository platform selection.

Phase 3:

The consultants will prepare and deliver a report based on analysis of existing documentation, outcomes of the onsite visit, results of the focus group activity, and survey results. The report will take the form of an action plan, outlining activities needed to implement the Statewide Digital Repository Project for Rhode Island, and recommending potential projects and service providers to assist with next steps. Following the development of the report, the consultants will return to Rhode Island to make a presentation on the final report to HELIN administration and members.