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Part 1 (preface-G): Index to the Printed Acts and Resolves, and of the petitions and reports to the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, from the year 1758-1850.

That the Secretary of State be directed to complete, or cause to be completed, the Alphabetical Index to the Schedules from the year 1828 to the year 1850 inclusive, in the same manner as the Index to the volumes of the preceding years has been made; and that when completed, there shall be printed under his direction, two hundred and fifty copies of the same, the expense to be paid out of the General Treasury upon the order of the Governor.


Digitized May 2011 by the RI State Law Library. 173 p., 9.74 mb pdf. Full Text Searchable. This index split into 3 parts:

Part 1: pp. title-161 (title-G)

Part 2: pp. 161-259 (H-O)

Part 3: pp. 260-424 (P-Y)

436 total pages

Digitized later indexes are also available in this collection.

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