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The following study is a comparison of the Rhode Island state retirement system with the state systems of the other 49 states. It is based on data from the best available national sources, each of which is listed in the appendix. The results of this study are intended as background for possible future retirement system reform inquiries and efforts, but certainly do not represent the only way to compare Rhode Island's benefits with those offered elsewhere. It is also important to note that retirement pensions are only one aspect of an employee's total compensation package, which also includes salary, health care, and other provisions such as death benefits. This study does not address these other compensation issues, but attempts to compare the principal components of pension benefits. The topics addressed include unfunded status, contribution levels, pension eligibility requirements, and benefit provisions.


Digitized August 2011 by the RI State Law Library. Provided for digitization by RI State Library. 22 p., 3.62 mb pdf. Full Text Searchable. Pension reports from the years 1947, 1961, 1970, 1974, 1976, & 1998 are also available in this collection.

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