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This edition of the hitherto imprinted Minutes of Theodore Foster is the apprentice work of a student in the American history seminar in Brown University. The struggle in Rhode Island for the ratification of the Federal Constitution has already been rather minutely studied, especially in the important monograph of Dr. Frank G. Bates. The present publication changes none of the larger conclusions of earlier students, but it adds its increment of information upon the issues which dominated the debate in Rhode Island, and upon the strategy of parties. The editor has been at considerable pains to present an accurate text, no small task in view of Foster's handwriting: the result, certainly, is more trustworthy than Staples's unreliable text of the incomplete official minutes. He has settled conclusively the authorship of the document; and at other points he has provided an adequate commentary. In his introductory survey of the historical background he has properly made considerable levies upon earlier studies, but has added a number of interesting details. With the publication of this appendix, as it may be regarded, to Bates's study, that chapter in Rhode Island history is substantially complete.


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