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Final report to the Executive Director of the HELIN Library Consortium. The charges of the Task Force were: 1. Perform an environmental scan of digital initiatives in HELIN institutions, to produce an inventory of such projects. 2. Determine if there is a unique collection of material that qualifies for a HELIN, grant-funded project. 3. Identify the best practices, processes, procedures that would benefit the Consortium in providing access to our digital collections. 4. Advise the Board on the benefits of in-house vs. outsourcing digital projects.

The Task Force concluded that there is sufficient material to build a strong digital collection across the participating repositories that encompasses the theme “People, Places and Society in Southern New England.” The theme is broad and allows for future growth. There are a number of proven best practice guidelines from which HELIN may select as its guide and refine as is necessary to conform to the unique needs of the consortium. Whether the collections are digitized in-house or outsourced, central management of the project will be necessary.