Date of Original Version

January 2007




Final report of the HELIN Federated Search Task Force, a group appointed by the HELIN Reference Committee at the request of the HELIN Directors to investigate and report on available federated search engines, which allow users simultaneously to search multiple databases. The task force was not asked to recommend a specific one for licensing by HELIN member libraries and did not do so.


Members of the task force: Susan McMullen (RWU : chair), Colleen Anderson (Bryant), Tish Brennan (RIC), Connie Cameron (PC), John Edwards (JWU), Dusty Haller (CCRI), Mimi Keefe (URI), TJ Sondermann (Wheaton), Olga Verbeek (Salve)

Appendix1- evaluation checklist.doc (68 kB)
Evaluation checklist

Appendix2 - trialevaluationform.doc (29 kB)
Trial evaluation form

Appendix 3 - CSA MultiSearch Evaluation.doc (36 kB)
CSA MultiSearch evaluation

Appendix 4 - Central Search Evaluation.doc (44 kB)
Serials Solutions Central Search evaluation

Appendix 5 - WebFeat Evaluation.doc (40 kB)
WebFeat evaluation

Appendix 6 - Research Pro Evaluation.doc (43 kB)
III Research Pro evaluation