About This Conference

The 2021 HELIN Virtual Conference will celebrate what we have accomplished at our various institutions, highlighting the resourceful and imaginative ways members have dealt with challenges over the past year. This is your opportunity to show your HELIN colleagues the innovative and creative work you’ve done, both before and after the COVID pandemic.

New this year will be a virtual poster session with posters showcasing HELIN members’ initiatives and an opportunity to talk to poster presenters online.

Land Acknowledgement

The land that surrounds us is part of who we are; it reflects our histories.” ~Native Governance Center

HELIN Library Consortium recognizes that we are joining together today on the traditional Indigenous lands of the Niantic Narragansett and Wampanoag people. These Native nations, as well as neighboring nations: Pequot, Mohegan, Nipmuc and Nauset, have made - and continue to make - innumerable contributions to our region. We recognize and honor the relationships between Native nations and their connection with the land, waters, and all living things. We respect the history and people of these places where we gather, and acknowledge that they are still here today.

Zoom Information

  • Peter Rogers, Dan Comerford, and the Phillips Memorial Library Zoom account will be hosts for all of the sessions.
  • Each session will also have one member of the HELIN conference committee who will be made co-host as soon as the meeting begins, and session presenter(s) will also be made co-host as soon they enter the meeting.
  • Sessions will use waiting rooms.
  • Participants will be asked to mute themselves upon entering the meeting.
  • Sessions are not being recorded.

Zoom and Technical Support Team

Code of Conduct

Session Norms:
  • Step Up/Step Back: step up to contribute; step back to share airtime with others.
  • Assume Positive Intentions: look for the good in every contribution.
  • Maintain Confidentiality: discussions are more valuable when everyone feels safe.
  • Trust the Process: have faith that your message will be heard.
  • Practice a Growth Mindset: all of us are learning, continually, together.
(Code of Conduct adapted from clee/ri.org